And the fc said “Let there be supers.”

Today during a quite boring solo roam I came across a 30-40 man frigate fleet.
Normally this is nothing to be worried about, you die all the time in new eden and one more frig in a sea of losses means nothing. Unfortunately this was different, they had decided to set a course for one of our outer systems where some of our most braindead capsulers insist on mining in large unwieldy ships referred to as rorqs.

Having been the first to spot the fleet I made an executive decision and put out a ping to all nearby friendly pilots on our local intel frequency that there was a good sized fleet of faction frigates headed straight to our outer systems, to make sure you were safe or ready to fight.
After having done that I decided to follow the fleet in my pod to see what fun could be had.

I found the mass to be less than friendly even after I had used their own time honored greeting of “already replaced”, thankfully they decided that having a capsule follow them 10 jumps was fine even if they planned to be hunting in our space.
I continually updated our intel frequency while following the unhappy swarm of bees up till they landed on the gate to the edge of our pocket.
I foolishly decided to take a pause and say hello again to see if they would respond any better, they did not, and my pod was promptly treated to a salvo of explosives and lasers.

Having found myself back in our home I decided to join the voice communication frequency to see what was to happen to the fleet.
The first words I heard were a mix of “Titan logged in”, “They have dreads and supers moving”, “Im warping my titan to gate at 30”, and “My rorqual is tackled cyno inhib going up in 50 seconds send help”.
Once again I made a quick decision and muted all voice communication from that com and moved to the text channel only to see much the same type of spam.
Thankfully through all that I did manage to read a message for sub caps to fleet up in ships capable of launching bubbles and other such things. Having heeded the call to arms i fleeted up in my flycatcher and undocked ready for anything that might come my way, or so I thought.
Having undocked I decided to unmute the com to ask where we were supposed to go and who was our fc.
The next few words were all that it took to let me know there was not to be a fight. “All titans get ready to bridge, all supers undock, all carriers and dreads jump to cyno.”

Having heard the call for capitals I decided that the only thing I would be useful for was possibly scooping up any loot and corpses ( to reprocess for sodium later) so once again I reshipped this time into a smaller faster frigate with a combat fit and plenty of cargo space and took the nearest jump bridge to the system that they had last been reported in.
landing on grid the first thing i noticed was a titan on gate along with a half dozen supers and a light sprinkling of carriers and dreads, the second thing I noticed was several wrecks and some corpses floating about.

I hated it but my instinct was correct, there was no fight to be had, and so my solo roam became a salvaging run.

On the bright side I made back more than my ishkur was worth so “already replaced” quite literally applies here.

I legitimately dont like the fact that capital and supercapital ships are now the be all end all in null pvp but I accept the fact that it was and still is inevitable so i have begun working on getting all my toons into caps. Maybe one day I will be able to solo dread bomb.

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