The Carebear Syndrome.

Carebear, The mere mention of the word sends shivers down the backs of strong and proud capuleers who have yet to succumb to its hateful grasp.
A dreaded disease that slowly infects all dwellers of new eden. Reports as early as the dark ages when the Jove were first settling curse, of good capsuleers succumbing to the madness within, working tirelessly for hours with a fervor never seen before in a living being. (Or as close as a capsuleer can be)
This madness spread, and over the Fifteen millennia since the eve gate opened, and though many research teams have dedicated their lives to attempting to solve this horrific disease a cure has yet to be found.
Though some hope has emerged. Some capsuleers have proven incredibly resistant or immune to this disease, new research suggests there might be away to combat the disease, or maybe even a cure; for now though we can only hope and pray that this new breakthrough will come soon.

I can feel its call again.

I need to get back to my havens and sanctums or my ticks will suffer.

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