The Apex Addiction

To my eternal shame I have once again been sucked into the merciless mistress that is a new battle royale game.
This game “Apex legends” has so far given me a crippling fear of flares, the ability to shoot people behind walls, and a love of grenades that can be matched by no mere casual.

This game while free to play feels like a polished fps, if you chose to ignore the horrific netcode, buggy movement, scuffed medical balance, and other minor bugs like memory leaks, constant crashes, and broken lobbies.
In other words this is the perfect new f2p battle royale and it needs to be made into an esport asap.

That being said, MY GOD it is FUN. As of this moment I have sunk nearly 90 hours this past week into the game and have found myself enjoying every second of it.
Even when playing on european servers with my good friends I still find the gun play satisfying and responsive; I can not say the same for many other games in this genre.

To be quite honest I hope the devs do this game justice because it really is quite fun. I look forward to sinking many more hours into this buggy mess of a game and I hope you all get the chance to enjoy it to.

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